The no typeface alphabet


These are the pictures i took of objects that aren’t typography but could resemble a typeface, while i was doing this task i was thinking about how the letters would look together if they where made into a word.

I found some letters that could be change (by rotating or flipping) to become different letters, i also found some letters multiple times, i did not get all 26 letters of the alphabet, i found about 18/19 some of which are unclear that there is a letter in the image.


3 thoughts on “The no typeface alphabet

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  3. […] The no typeface alphabet ( Bewerten: Sharen mit:StumbleUponTwitterE-MailDruckenGefällt mir:Gefällt mirSei der Erste, dem dieser post gefällt. Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in HISTORISCHES Juden-Alphabet und verschlagwortet mit alphabet, Animal, Bruno Kreisky, Early Childhood, Education, Jew, Language Arts, Letter (alphabet), Linguistics, Social Sciences von Karl Dönitz – wir machen weiter. Permanenter Link zum Eintrag. […]

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